Steady as the flowers we grow, as the trains we exist on sweep through the nearby grassland and the speckled purple carpet blends in from chair to floor. The world is just becoming a blur of clashing carpet patterns rushing by under my feet, without a gasp of air to take in my surroundings and … More Railway


I think of cities the same way I think of people. The more I see of what this new land will have to offer, the more captivated I become. I want to know everything, find the more secretive sides, the spots that only the locals know and discover the people who don’t shout about their existence to … More Wanderer.

The glades.

It was so open. That’s what struck me first. The vast open space that laid out before me. The ceiling of floating whites and silvers hovering miles above the empty grassland. Two parallel layers of texture, with nothing but air to breathe sandwiched in between. Even in such an empty space, I felt trapped by … More The glades.