The chill of the morning gave itself away in the colour on your cheeks. The rays of sun illuminating the corner of the block hit my eyes, yet I couldn’t miss the speckles of melting ice resting in the wool of your coat. You rubbed your hands on your face, but they stayed as rosy … More Seconds.


I think of cities the same way I think of people. The more I see of what this new land will have to offer, the more captivated I become. I want to know everything, find the more secretive sides, the spots that only the locals know and discover the people who don’t shout about their existence to … More Wanderer.


Quiet the longing with the ache of your heart below the pressure and the weight of my chest. With my ear pressed to your skin I listened to the movement of your touch against the covers. January did not fall from December in the same way we fell from November. I would wake in the … More Sleeper.

The glades.

It was so open. That’s what struck me first. The vast open space that laid out before me. The ceiling of floating whites and silvers hovering miles above the empty grassland. Two parallel layers of texture, with nothing but air to breathe sandwiched in between. Even in such an empty space, I felt trapped by … More The glades.


The air ached behind the wisps of blue smoke suffocating each corner of the room. I strained my neck to keep my eyes on you from between the shoulders of strangers. The light would hit your eyes occasionally, yet it was hard to guess your line of sight. In a room filled with faces, I … More Sight.


Sometimes I cannot remember whom my words refer to. My heart yearns for something it never really knew, and it fleets for the next occupant. I find the past in scents. I’ve looked for familiar eyes in unfamiliar faces. I’m attached to missing something, and I want it to be one of you. I simply … More Whistler.


Those words were born in your lungs. They became alive in your chest, crawling up your throat and into your mouth. They looked for the chance to develop meaning around the darkness of your mouth. Searching underneath your tongue and between your teeth, but you allowed them to escape into the air with a quick … More Stir.