For my English Language degree, I took a creative writing course and decided to share my short essays and snippets online here. I’m planning on sharing my new adventures and wanders into the great outdoors on here soon. Source: About


“Lead the way” she muttered. That was the habit she had grown and nurtured through and through. Reliant on others and quick to blame, that’s a very easy assumption when you are watching through teal tinted frames. To watch or to experience? Or by watching are you experiencing? She will break her heart by sticking … More Relapse


Steady as the flowers we grow, as the trains we exist on sweep through the nearby grassland and the speckled purple carpet blends in from chair to floor. The world is just becoming a blur of clashing carpet patterns rushing by under my feet, without a gasp of air to take in my surroundings and … More Railway


Walking out and leaving the warmth behind, he stopped and watched the street across from one sign post to the other. Everyone was going about their day in that fast paced city fashion, weaving in and out of one another. Nobody he recognises. Not that there would be anyone he would recognise. More that it’s … More Cologne. 


Red wine would stain my lips in the same way I’ll stain them to grab your attention, pouting slightly and letting my front teeth show a little. Cold nights in bars and watching for your words far too frequently, unsure of which need will hurt my head more in the morning. I twirled my words around … More Untitled